How to Download Music

So after you have read the Music & Legal Issues page, it's about time that you actually learn how to download music! In MusicToDownload, we are more oriented to music purchases. If you want to learn more about P2P networks and MP3 downloads, please visit FreeMusictoDownload.

Of course P2P programs are not the only way to download music from the net. There are other possibilities how to download music. There's many retailers out there who make this process a lot easier. You basically pay for the music you want and you are instantly allowed to download it. Read the Buying Music page for information regarding how to accomplish this. It's important.

Finally, you need a music player. Most P2P networks have one included and heck, 99% of the time your computer has one already included, but it might not be the best for you. Check out the Media Player Reviews if you want to try a different media player.