Legal Information About Downloading Music

Downloading music that you do not own from the internet or a P2P network is illegal. The moment you purchase a CD or music from an online source, you acquire rights to download that song from anywhere in the world as many times as you like. Note that distributing that song is illegal and a criminal offense if done for financial gain.


Copyright laws are very clear. You must either A) Make the song yourself, B) Acquire permission from the original music creator, C) Wait until the copyright expires or D) Purchase the rights to the song. The most common way of having legal music is by the latter.

Downloading music from a P2P network that you do not own is illegal as mentioned above. This is an offense which can result in heavy fines. However, the real problem is those who distribute the illegal files over the net. Having a Linkin' Park song playing on your MySpace page is indeed illegal. Sharing your favorite songs through your personal page for a $5 fee is much worse and a criminal offense which could land the offender in jail.

The simple fact of having music that you never bought the rights for in your computer is ground for a fine. This fine depends on your Country/State, but it's usually very high and something that you can avoid. At MusicToDownload, we recommend Buying Music.

Music piracy is a multi billionaire business. It is highly illegal and something you should stay away from, not only to protect yourself, but to support the music author.