Media Player Reviews

Real Player

Real player is the most popular media player available online. It is free and easy to use - not to mention compatible with most music formats. With Real Player, you may easily upload music to your iPod, purchase new songs and burn audio to a CD. Its skin is good looking and as far as I am concerned, there is no spyware involved with Real Player. You can use Real Player with any song that already exists in your computer, but Real Player is also an Online Music Store which lets you buy songs for 99 cents each. Besides that, there are no hidden costs and if you are in a low budget this is the option I recommend the most.
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Musicmatch is another popular media player. It is fast and reliable, but unlike Real Player, there is a $20 fee. The main advantage that I can see of Musicmatch over Real Player is its superb CD burning capacity - so if you are looking to burn a lot of CDs, I recommend Musicmatch. Additionally, there is the "Free Jukebox" version of Musicmatch. If you are not content with it, you do not have to upgrade and pay anything at all.

A feature that I frequently use is Musicmatch's "custom CD labels and covers". It basically lets your print a CD cover that you design beforehand. It's fun to use. Really. That's not all Musicmatch has to offer... with its neat layout, custom library and music news; it's no wonder why so many people pay the small fee.


Winamp never fails. It is very easy to use, and best of all: simple. It has a great community where you can download new skins, fast CD burning software, iPod support and many other great features. Like Musicmatch, it costs $19.99 to go pro, but if you are not in a low budget, this might be a great option to consider. A feature I frequently use, is Winamp's "MP3 encoding" so I may easily change music formats for CDs or anything else.
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Windows Media Player

You probably have this player installed in your computer by default, but if you don't, this might be a great option for you. Windows Media Player works (not surprisingly) amazingly well with the Windows operating system. It allows you to burn CDs, watch video, hear music and have custom libraries. However, I find the layout very boring.
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